Cheap Accommodation on Rent in Al Ain

Every time you travel in Al Ain on a budget, you can find a cheap accommodation that best suits your needs. When you are on limited resources, it doesn’t mean that your vacation or business trip experience can be as low as your budget. You can find a cheap accommodation in Apartment or villas in A Ain almost anywhere in the city including in the downtown area. You just need to spare time on researching the cheaper rooms before your trip.

One way to decide on which accommodation you will choose is to first define what you need in a room. Do you just need basic amenities in your stay? I think the most important thing is to have a comfortable stay while you are in a foreign place.

Now you need to define what type of a room you need. The following are the common choices while you are in a tourist land, for business or pleasure:


This is suitable for backpackers, people who travel light and most people who are on a budgeted business trip. This cheap accommodation is often suitable for travelers who are into sociable accommodation where guests can rent a bed or a bunk bed. The room is in a dormitory with a common bathroom, common lounge and if you’re lucky, a kitchen.

If you are exploring the place, a hostel is a good choice where you can have a greater interaction among guests. This way, you can get to meet other foreign travelers with the same agenda.

Bed and Breakfasts

This is a small lodging place where overnight accommodation and breakfast are offered. If you want a more quite place to stay and privacy, then bed and breakfast accommodation is for you. You can own a room with own bathrooms.

Economy Hotels

A hotel that is categorized as an economy hotel can give you a more conventional hotel experience where you can enjoy room service and your own hot and cold shower. The room also has TV, mini bars and coffee/tea machines, swimming pool, restaurants and bars. Most economy hotels are located in the center of Al Ain so you can save time traveling to tourist spots.


When you are on a vacation with your family, you may want to rent a bigger room with more amenities for the kids. Cheap rooms in Al Ain is found in a villa where you can enjoy the view, cook your own meal and a more personalized service from a butler. The cost will be lesser if you stay longer in a villa as it is designed for long staying guests with bigger group. A Villa can give you a new excitement and will give more meaning and a lot of reasons to stay in Al Ain.